Ever wondered how professional basketball stars like Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, and Harrison Barnes wind down to relax their minds and bodies? Well, they float of course! Go ahead and check out this recent commercial that Stephen Curry teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to make that involves him floating!

Float Like the Pros Do!

What Can Floating Do For An Athlete?  MIND: Neuro-muscular programming Visualization as effective as practice Elevated mood Increased serotonin relaxation response – Meditation Improved nerve function Magnesium absorption Sulphate absorption Regulate electrolytes BODY: Improve athletic performance Alleviate sore muscles and joints Recover from an intense workout Remove lactic acid quickly […]

Floating Benefits

Peak Performance Float, Inc Opening early 2016 in Walnut Creek, California Bringing float therapy to the greater Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, and Concord area Looking forward to changing lives by helping clients be happier, live healthier, at the top of their game, achieving their peak performance.

Peak Performance Float Inc OPENING SOON

W H Y    F L O A T  ?   Elevate Your Personal Performance – Live Healthier Be Happier Elevate Performance Float therapy helps you reach your peak physical and mental performance.  Benefits include expedited healing and recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation, relaxation response, neuromuscular programming, enhanced creativity, mental practice through visualization, […]