Floating Experience

First Float Walkthrough

Plan to arrive and check in at the reception area at least 15 minutes before your float to receive personal instruction prior to beginning your session in a private room.  Take a brief shower before you float, put your earplugs in, grab a neck pillow if you like, cover scratches or scrapes, remove make-up, and relax and enjoy your 90 minute session.  Music comes on gently letting you know that your session has come to a close.  Shower briefly after you float to remove residual Epsom salt solution and you are ready to go.  Towels and a robe await you.  Relaxed, renewed, revitalized, ready to embrace the world and be at your peak performance in every aspect of your life.

As you are getting ready for your float, eat a small meal sixty to ninety minutes before your session, avoid caffeine, delay shaving or waxing, and remove your contacts.


Enjoy Your Float Session!


What is in My Float Pod?

An Epsom salt water solution, more buoyant than the Dead Sea, with 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt and 180 gallons of 93.5 degF water.  The water is 10″ deep.  Air flows freely in and out of the Float Pod or Float Room.  The door, light, and intercom are all under your control.